If You're Really
an Entrepreneur ...

Why Are You Working
for $7.25 an Hour?


An open letter to any small business owner who's sick of letting email and other crap keep you from taking home the paychecks that you and your family deserve ...


You may think you're running a business ...

... but every time you do any of the following, you're earning minimum wage -- $7.25 an hour:

That's because all of the above can and should be done by somebody else, for less money than your time is worth.

Hi, I'm Kevin Donlin.

You may not know me, but instinctively, you know what I'm about to tell you: 80% of what you do every day is largely a waste of time.

That's the bad news.

The good news was discovered in 1906 -- and it could be worth $2.1 million worth to you.

It's all based on the 80/20 Rule, also known as the Pareto Principle ...

You may know it's named after Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto. In 1906, he found that 80% of the property in Italy was owned by 20% of the people.

But then he found something really weird: 80% of the peas in his garden were produced by only 20% of the pea pods.

There's that ratio again -- 80/20.


And it gets even weirder ...

Because, from property to peas, the 80/20 Rule is a spooky natural law that doesn’t make any logical sense:


In other words, the world is predictably unbalanced -- most results come from few causes, in a ratio of about 80/20.


Of course, the ratio is rarely 80/20 exactly -- it may be 72/17 ... 84/9 ... etc. But the numbers are always unbalanced.


In any business, including yours, about:

That last figure is important.


Because, if 20% of your marketing produces 80% of your profits, then 80% of your marketing produces only 20% of your profits.


In other words ... 80% of your marketing is a waste of time and money.




But there is a silver lining ...


You see, if 20% of your efforts produce 80% of results, that's a 4x output.


And if 80% produces 20% of your results, that's a 1/4 output.


As a result, the top 20% of your marketing is 16 times more powerful than the bottom 80%.


When you understand this, a clear route to higher profits opens up to you: Spend more time, money, and effort on the 20% of marketing that produces 80% of your profits ... and less on the trivial 80%. When you do this, you get a 16x return on your investment.

That's a 1,500% improvement.


Now. What could a few gains of 1,500% do for your business?

Well, a few years ago, I found out.

And here’s the story ...


In May 2005, I made a discovery that put $2,159,342 in the bank for my little one-man company.




By uncovering a few, overlooked “20% marketing methods” in my business.


Once I found this handful of leverage points, I devoted 40 hours a week to a marketing activity I had previously spent only 1-2 hours a week doing ...


... and revenues exploded.


Here’s a graph to illustrate -- see anything unusual?



Revenue jumped from $1,109 in May 2005 to $7,808 in July ...

... to $51,856 in September 2005 and kept climbing to $110,945 one year later, in September 2006.


More than $2,159,342 flooded into my business in 5 years, before all was said and done.


But the revenue itself is not important.


What is important is how I produced that revenue by exploiting hidden opportunities that had always been there in my business.


This simple 80/20 principle -- trade dimes for dollars, by doing more of what makes money in the time you now waste doing what doesn’t -- works in any business, in any industry.


Now. You may be thinking to yourself: “80/20 Rule? I know that.”


Fine. But what are you doing about it?


Has it made your business an extra $2.1 million? $210,000? Or even $21,000?


If not, you might want to keep reading ...


Because, after 3 years of semi-retirement, I decided to put these 80/20 ideas into a system that anyone can follow.

It’s called:


The 80/20 Marketing Revolution


-- and it can add 75% or more in new profits to your business. I guarantee it.

Want to see what 75% more profits looks like?

Imagine a calendar on your desk. There's one nickel on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Those nickels represent how 4/5 (80%) of your marketing delivers 20% of profits.

Next, imagine 8 dimes sitting on Friday. They represent how 1/5 (20%) of your marketing delivers 80% of profits (see below) ...



Now, do this: Trade one day's worth of low-value, 80% marketing efforts for one day of high-value, 20% marketing. Just replace the nickel on Thursday with another 8 dimes (see the RED arrow below) ...



When you swap a 5% portion for an 80% portion, you go from 100% to 175% of profits, in the same hours worked each week.

You trade nickels for dimes -- and dollars.

And that is what the 80/20 Marketing Revolution helps you do.

Because about 80% of what you’re doing to market your business is a waste of time. So, one of the most-profitable steps you can take is STOP doing those things. You get “unstuck” with my 80/20 Marketing tools.


Then, you redeploy that time, money, and effort into the few, vital 20% of your marketing activities.


Here’s what you get in each of the 4 Modules of the 80/20 Marketing Revolution ...


Module 1: Find your Vital 20%

You are introduced to the breakthrough ideas in 80/20 Marketing, including the Vital Few Finder -- within the first 5 minutes, you see visual evidence that a profit gain of 20% or more in 30 days is not only possible, it’s simple ... when you know what to look for.

It’s like putting on a pair of 3D glasses that cause new clients and profits to jump out at you. Plus, you get ...



Module 2: Find your Trivial 80%

In Module 1, you went on a treasure hunt inside your business. In Module 2 ... you’re looking for trash.

Specifically, you learn exactly how to spot the “Trivial 80%” of clients, products/services, and marketing methods that are robbing you and your family of the success you deserve.


Important: You are surrounded by the Trivial 80%. These time wasters and “profit thieves” can steal 5-6 hours every day from you, because you have been conditioned to accept them as normal.


That means you can NOT recognize or eliminate them without knowing what to look for. If you could, you would have done so by now -- and 2011 would have been a banner year for you.


But you’re reading this because you want to make a change in 2012. So, to help you enjoy the bigger paychecks you deserve, you get ...



Module 3: 80/20 Marketing Substitution

Here’s where the real fun begins. After determining the best and worst uses of your “marketing-time,” you start redeploying your assets following the special instructions in Module 3.


80/20 Marketing Substitution is unlike anything you’ve heard or seen anywhere. It literally took me 14 months of painful trial and error to perfect this concept. But the results -- $2.1 million in revenue, mortgage paid off 25 years early, a business designed entirely around my lifestyle -- were worth it.


Best part: You don’t have to struggle like I did. You get “80/20 Marketing Substitution” concept on a silver platter, explained in less than 5 minutes, and boiled down to a simple recipe to follow. You get ...



Module 4: Finetune and Automate

In this this final Module, you lay a foundation for growth that’s rapid, profitable -- and predictable. You put systems in place to capture your new-found profits, like fireflies in a jar. And you form new habits that stay with you for life. You get ...



  Plus, you get a Limited Edition 80/20 Marketing Watch, just like this one.

  It helps automate your 80/20 Marketing by tracking how you spend every minute of every working day.

  Just follow the simple instructions and you'll uncover new opportunities potentially worth $100,000 ...

  ... $500,000 ...

  ... even the $2.1 million that I made.

Or more. There's no limit to how far this can take you.


Want to know more?


Here are 2 mini case studies of entrepreneurs who completed this same 80/20 Marketing Program ...


"The biggest month I've had in the past couple of years"


"Having been in sales for 31 years, I've learned a lot of things. There are many things I love about your program, but the thing that I really loved about your program and really sticks out is this 80/20, Pareto Principle -- 80 percent of my income comes from 20 percent of my clients. But I never really looked at it for myself and my activities.

"What I found out going through your program is 80 percent of the things that I was doing on a day to day basis was absolutely pointless. I was wasting so much time on things that really didn't matter.

"So by doing this over a 4-week time ... I had the biggest month that I've had in the past couple of years. This program really helped me to focus.

"Kevin you bring a lot of great ideas and a lot of strategies. The biggest takeaway for me is how you not only talk about the 80/20 principle, you drill down deeper than any other trainer or strategic coach that I have ever had in the past 25 years.

"I do appreciate what you have did for me in helping me to refocus back on the most important things that I need to focus on every single day, because it's been extremely profitable for me."

- Steve Kloyda, The Prospecting Expert, Inc., Rosemount MN


"I just wish I had done it sooner!"


"I was surprised when we sat down and actually looked at where my referrals sources are. Just figuring out where my money comes from, the sources for referrals was really interesting.

"I found that email, everything else, how I'm using my time in a day has not been effective ... but being aware of how I'm spending my time, I try to behave better.

"Probably the biggest eye opener to me [was] how we spend our money and time.

"I appreciate you bringing me through this. We came out on the other side smarter and I just wish I had done it sooner!"

- Adrienne Thompson, Real Estate Agent, Excelsior, MN


Here’s a summary of what you get in the 80/20 Marketing Revolution ...



What’s your guarantee?


You get two guarantees and both are simple:


Guarantee #1: If you do the assignments and don’t recoup your investment within 30 days of receiving your materials in the mail, contact my office and you get your money back.


Guarantee #2: If you do the assignments and don’t increase your income by a bare minimum of $20,000 within one year from today, contact my office and you get all your money back -- plus I’ll pay you an extra $100 for your trouble.


IMPORTANT: I have offered bold guarantees like this since 1998 for the simple reason that my marketing methods work. People who do the assignments and implement make major gains.


Also, my reputation is everything to me. I have zero unsatisfied clients and I won’t start with you.


Your investment for the 80/20 Marketing Revolution is only $199 99 -- save 51% when you respond today.


What are you waiting for?


If you get one new client in the coming weeks, 80/20 Marketing pays for itself.

Plus, this new knowledge gives you a "Recession Insurance Policy" for the rest of your life. Because the 80/20 Rule is like gravity -- it applies at all time, everywhere on earth ... in all cities, all industries, and all economic conditions.


And your investment in the 80/20 Marketing Revolution is risk-free, thanks to my 2 money-back guarantees.


Time is short ...




Kevin M. Donlin
Client Cloning Systems



P.S. -- If you want to know more about me, here’s a quick bio.



That's me on Fox 9 News in Minneapolis/St. Paul
discussing marketing on live TV


And here’s a recap of what you get in 80/20 Marketing Revolution ...


Why the bold guarantee?

Because this simple 80/20 Marketing principle -- trade your dimes for dollars, by doing more of what makes money in the time you now waste doing what doesn’t -- works every time it's applied.

Besides, my reputation is everything to me. I have zero unsatisfied clients and I won’t start with you :-)

The only catch? Your 51% discount will end without notice. After that, the price goes up to the full $199.




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